Closed Circuit Television

CCTV Systems are available for residential and business premises as either Analogue or IP systems which can be Wire Free or Wired.

Wire Free CCTV: 

These systems offer quick and easy installation, flexibility regarding location, the ability to relocate cameras and are cable-free. Wire free recording and monitoring features do not need to be in the same line of sight. This allows for the monitoring of all areas from another location.

Wired CCTV: 

These systems connect the camera to the recording device and monitor via a coaxial cable. The advantages of this system are good quality images, real time moving playback, cameras located hundreds of metres from the recording equipment, and all sensors can be run from a single power source.

Analogue cameras have been used for over 20 years but have limited video quality, and are often not clear enough to ensure convictions. Zooming into recorded CCTV images has proved a problem as the cameras resolution is limited at 540 TVL (414,720 Pixels).


Uses the latest developments in digital imaging cameras to provide super high quality images. A single IP camera can replace 12 analogue cameras, affording up to 12 x the quality of the analogue; which may be beneficial for providing footage to use in court. This offers, potentially, the ability to zoom up to12 x into the image without losing quality.

High Definition 1080p System

1 x 4 Channel 1Tb DVR,1080p HD Cameras, CAT5e Cable, Balums and power supply.

2 Camera system supplied and installed £ Call

4 Camera system supplied and installed £ Call

4 Mega Pixedl High Definition Camera System

1 x 4 Channel 1Tb DVR, 4 Mega Pixel Cameras, CAT5e Cable, Balums and power supply.

2 Camera system supplied and Installed £ Call

4 Camera system supplied and installed £ Call


Larger configurations available please ask for a quotation.



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